Roy Paci & Aretuska

Style pop / latin / brazil / ska / reggae
Origin italy
On stage 10
Label etnagigante/universal
Recent release latinista
Territory europe
Availability all year
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»Sharp horn sections meet high speed Rap. Roy is celebrating fire works of Ska, Mestizo, Latin and Swing and leaves room for political awareness. SuoNoGlobal!« Badische Neue Nachrichten
Latinista, trombettista, compositore, arrangiatore, musicista poliedrico - Roy Paci, a trumpeter and vocalist from Sicily, is an extroverted and high - energy performer who comes across as a fun-loving bon vivant, the king of carnival, as he proclaimed on one of his early recordings. He sings in Italian, Sicilian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, often mixing languages from line to line. Paci and his band Aretuska play a tight, powerful, and mad funky set - an expansive but cohesive style built on the rhythms of the African diaspora and the melodicism of Italian and Latin pop.